LED display "Made in China 2025" white paper, shared by Jiadi Technology

By: time:2021-02-27

Since the birth of industrial civilization, the context of historical development has repeatedly confirmed that manufacturing is the foundation of the national economy and the foundation of a strong country. Without a strong manufacturing industry, how can we talk about the prosperity of the country and nation. Although an industrial system with complete categories has been formed, with the development of the national economy, the contradiction of "big but not strong" in my country's manufacturing industry has become increasingly prominent. At this time, China put forward the development strategy of "Made in China 2025". Since 2015, "Made in China" is gradually transforming to "Made in China". In this context, as one of China's eleven emerging industries, the LED industry is also a technology industry in the physical manufacturing industry. Its transformation path is obstructive and long, and its intelligentization has a long way to go.

At present, Chinese LED display manufacturers have occupied the world's highest share, thanks to cost advantages and response speed, and backed by the huge market of mainland China. The data shows that the global LED display market size in 2016 was 16 billion U.S. dollars, and it is expected that in 2020, the global LED display market will reach 31 billion U.S. dollars. Chinese LED displays have frequently appeared on the world stage in recent years, such as Times Square, the French European Cup, the United Nations, etc., which have been able to meet the needs of high-end applications such as advertising media, sports events, and large-scale exhibitions, and have a small gap with similar foreign products. Except for particularly high-end projects, most of the domestic LED display products can meet the requirements of foreign customers, and the quality is excellent, forming a good market overseas. Undoubtedly, the next 10 years will be a critical period for the transformation and upgrading of the entire LED display industry in China. The realization of automation, informationization and intelligence in product manufacturing will become the mainstream of industrial development. LED display companies also need to follow the trend to enhance The strength to compete with international brands. The LED display industry is setting up the backbone of manufacturing in China. "Make in China" is no longer a representative of cheap, but a symbol of exquisite quality.

At the same time, Made in China is not only a qualitative leap in craftsmanship, but also the embodiment of wisdom. Under the current background of global intelligence and the wave of smart city construction, LED displays are no longer just production. The optimization and upgrading of technological process and intelligent modernization should be the intelligentization of the entire ecological chain from production to terminal. Take the display terminal, the LED display is no longer just a two-dimensional simple dynamic display, but to achieve the effect of 1+1>2 on application services, such as the introduction of pre-maintenance for better installation and maintenance Design, remote control, touch interaction, etc. In terms of software, through the interconnection and convenience of the Internet, WeChat advertising machines, smart rechargeable advertising machines, sunglasses screens, etc. have been launched, slowly subverting the LED industry and demonstrating intelligence. The LED displays new developments.

With the development background of "Made in China 2025", the first year of the intelligent application of LED displays is starting, and more intelligent LED displays appear in life. In the future, displays everywhere will be intelligent. Wherever there is a display, there will be intelligent. (From the network)

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