Jiadi Technology indoor LED display P2.5 soft module shaped screen lights up Bank of Moscow, Russia

By: time:2021-02-27

Recently, Jiadi Technology has successfully installed indoor P2.5 soft modules and P2.5 die-cast aluminum at the Russian Federal Reserve Bank in Moscow. There are 4 display screens in this group. The size of the screen is different. This group of display screens possesses the exclusive patented technologies of Jiadi Technology, and exhibits the characteristics of Jiadi Technology in terms of product expression, image quality, and color discrimination.

The project uses Jiadi Technology’s P2.5 die-cast aluminum and P2.5 soft film group. The semi-cylindrical screen adopts P2.5 soft screen, and the rest is P2.5 die-cast aluminum; the large screen area behind the semi-cylindrical is 66 ㎡, pre-wall maintenance design, ultra-thin screen occupies a small space, integrated with the wall, ultra-high resolution, ultra-clear images bring the ultimate visual experience; P2.5 soft film set can be designed to roll according to customer needs , Bending and swinging and other effects, using special materials and advanced technology, ultra-thin and ultra-light, the weight of a single module is only 85g, strong magnetic adsorption type installation, direct adsorption, installation and maintenance are more convenient.

With the aggravation of environmental pollution, Jiadi Technology has long realized the importance of environmental protection and energy saving for LED displays. Therefore, Jiadi's scientific research department has stepped up research efforts in energy-saving and power-saving products. Nowadays, Jiadi Technology’s exclusive patented centralized power supply technology has enabled Jiadi Technology to greatly improve the power saving compared with ordinary LED displays. It is also trying to innovate in the selection of cabinet and screen materials: how to ensure the quality of product structure Under the circumstance, speed up the loss of heat during operation and reduce natural risks.


The development of Jiadi Technology is inseparable from the support and recognition of our customers. Therefore, Jiadi Technology will increase scientific research, earnestly provide services, and produce products rigorously, only to provide customers and friends with better LED displays. .