Integrating into the southwest, Jiadi LED display shines in the mountain city Chongqing Vision

By: GUIDE time:2021-02-03

Speaking of the Southwest region, perhaps the first thing you think of is the slow, lagging, mountainous development, the difficulty of transportation construction, and the underdeveloped cities. Chongqing, as a comprehensive transportation hub and the largest industrial and commercial city in the southwestern region, has gradually emerged since it was established as a municipality in 1997, changing the backwardness of the old mountain city. Those Jiadi full-color LED screens shining on the streets of Chongqing seem to be showing the growth and changes of Chongqing one by one.

Let us look at the development of Chongqing through the big screen

Jiadi outdoor full-color LED display in Chongqing Bank of China Building.png

Jiadi outdoor full-color LED display in Chongqing Bank of China Building

Chongqing is an old city full of history. In the past, Chaotianmen’s wharf was very lively, and the vendors in the old neighborhood shouted. Now, luxury business districts are slowly emerging, and the number of shopping malls around the central city and university town is increasing. The advertisements shown on the display screens of the shopping malls reveal Modern atmosphere. Various enterprises, institutions, and hospitals are also inseparable from the stylish full-color LED screens for work reports, art performances, information disclosure, and government propaganda.

Jiadi P4LED display in the amphitheater of Chongqing Nanping Middle School

In the past, the train station was small and there were few trains. Now, the big screen flashing in the waiting hall of the train station, rolling train information at any time, confirms the prosperity and convenience of the city's traffic. Jiadi's indoor full-color LED screen used in Chongqing North Railway Station uses the PIS system to provide passengers with information services through the station and on-board playback terminals, which also marks this "old city" is constantly moving towards information modernization.

Jiadi outdoor full-color screen in Chongqing Jiefangbei Golden Eagle Fortune Center

In the past, the sky was very wide, there were few tall buildings, and visibility was high. The old houses on the riverside, brick by brick, told of the quietness and simplicity of the city; now, there are tall buildings everywhere, brightly lit, rapid economic development, and real estate. Businesses are being developed everywhere, and a full-color large screen is also set up on the outer wall of the sales center, on which a variety of housing information and propaganda slogans are displayed. Jiadi indoor full-color screen in Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Chongqing

Jiadi full-color LED display, many application cases appear in Chongqing's indoor and street, delicate picture sense, real color contrast, large viewing angle, self-developed intelligent control system, remote control, video playing on the screen The pictures show that Chongqing, the "mountain city", is moving towards modernization and trending, and is moving towards the direction of economic prosperity.